Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Favorite Tools for Art Journaling

Most of my readers know that I have a love for art journaling. I only started art journaling about one year ago, but already I have tools that I deem favorites for the process. I am a marker girl. Love all different kinds of markers. Grace is actually the same but her coveted markers are Copics for her manga drawing and they cost 7.00 each. Most of mine come in sets. In the above pic are some of my colored Bic permanent markers. Sharpies are good as well but my personal preference is Bic.

Next on the list would be metallic gel pens. I use these for highlighting and sometimes writing. They do not work all that well to write on a background of watercolor. I should also mention that the tools are not in order of importance or love of item. Just stuff out of my art journaling bag that I love to use.

Again, metallic markers. This markers above are Liquid Metals by Sargent Art and I think they were purchased at one of my favorite haunts; Michaels, JoAnns, and Hobby Lobby.

This black pen is probably my all time favorite and it is a very inexpensive pen. I use this for outlining, sometimes writing, and so much more. This is a .7mm R-2 rollerball.

When I began art journaling my adhesive of choice was simply a glue stick, but I have evolved. I watched some youtube videos and saw them using the double sided tape and dispenser. Great, great addition to my tools.

My absolute favorite type of watercolors and they are super cheap. I know many, many art folks out there will turn their noses up to this set of watercolors, but truly they work wonders for what I need them to do. This is the generic set of watercolors that Michaels sales for like 5.00 or less. Most of my art journal pages have watercolor backgrounds.

The two above watercolor sets are mainly used for accents on top of the other watercolors set. The metallic set was picked up at a homeschool convention in Greenville from Miller Pads and Paper. The glitter watercolor was from Walmart.

Of course neo gel pens are the bomb. You can see the pack is missing one color and that would be white. Grace stole it for her highlights on her manga drawings.

I have used all types of paper and this is my newest purchase. I originally purchased this medium tone paper for chalk but after purchasing it realized that the paper is not textured and I didn't think that chalk would adhere very well to the paper. They were on sale for 5.00 each so we stocked up. Now it has become another art journaling pad.

My favorite pens are actually very fine pointed. I use these for writing and accents, highlighting, and sometimes borders. A fairly inexpensive set at 25.00. I think I used birthday money for the purchase last year.

Couldn't find the third pen that goes with this set. Copper, silver, and gold metallic sharpies. Love, love, love these pens - they are so rich in color and application. Again I use these mostly for highlighting and accents. 


The Zookeeper said...

Totally right!! I must say we love love love some great pretty pens and markers!! I actually have the same watercolors you do!

LaughingLioness said...

ohh you have me drooling. Nothing like some gorgeous pens, paint and paper to make me want to drop everything and go play in the paper!