Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

We are still trying to settle into some type of normalcy as far as school goes. Too many doctor appointments and Cooperative business this week to actually get in a complete week of school. Monday after lunch we did a few subjects and Tuesday morning before Cooperative we did some personal development stuff. Wednesday - Friday have been at a normal but slow pace.

What We Are Reading
Twenty-One Balloons
Wesley The Owl
Glaucia - Early Church History
The Book of Mark
The Children of Odin
25 Truths
High School Prep Genius
Who is My Neighbor from Apologia
King Alfred's English

What We Studied or Discussed
Owls - Pellet Dissection
Undoing Algebraic Equations
Geneseric the Vandal (Famous Men of the Middle Ages)
Review of Run On Sentences
Writing Homework
North Africa
Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Reviews We Are Working On
The Presidential Game
People Keys

Zumba Classes
Stationary Bike

Classes Attended
Creative Writing
Yearbook Book Class
Drama Class
LEGO Design Class

Grace's favorite thing this week was definitely owl pellet dissection. She thought it was like a treasure hunt to find as many skulls as possible. We purchased our materials from Home Science Tools. I would definitely recommend purchasing the large owl pellet, which gives you the opportunity to find way more bones and skulls.

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Nita said...

You are just beginning so you have plenty of time to catch up.