Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap - Getting It Back Together

This week found us trying to resume a more scheduled week with school and such. Here are some items we tackled this week:

What We Are Reading
The Children of Odin for Famous Men of the Middle Ages
Famous Men of the Middle Ages
The Book of Mark
Twenty-One Balloons
Who I Am Series for Devotions
Glaucia for Early Church History
King Alfred's English

What We Are Discussing, Observing, and Learning
Birds - American Goldfinch and Turkey Vulture
Integers with Fractions - Multiplying
How to Art Journal
Vocabulary for SAT Prep
Norse Mythology (Grace adores Loki)

Out of the House Endeavors
Grace had a doctor and dentist appt this week
Attended two Zumba classes together
Girls Art Journaling met at our house

Interesting Tidbit of the Week
King Alfred's English taught us that Celtic woman were very brave and fierce warriors. Our word bodacious comes from a a Celtic queen named Boudicca.

Upcoming Reviews
Disc Career Style Report from People Keys

This week Grace's favorite thing was her new bamboo splash tablet. Her old tablet was broken a few weeks ago and she was going crazy not having it to do digital art. You can see a post here of some of her new creations

I am linking up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. This week was only two days of school, hopefully next week will find us immersed in learning all week.

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