Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

This was one of those weeks that you just had to hold on tight and make to Friday. The first part of the week revolved around preparing for the first day of Cooperative, then doctor's appointments, a going away party, and fitting school in where we could.

Our first day of Cooperative was awesome. Lots of new families and students to meet with 36 families participating this semester. All the students seemed to have a good time so hopefully they will all be back next week and we can move on with the remainder of the semester. Grace was excited to find out that she got the part of Olivia in Twelfth Night. The high school class will be performing a Night of Shakespeare in November. This will include three spoofs of Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet while Twelfth Night is a shortened version. Much work ahead of us in memorizing lines while the elementary students will be preparing for the Aristocats to perform in December.

One of our fellow Acts of Faith performers is going to Tanzania for missionary work and won't return until January. Yesterday there was a going away party for her to wish her well. Great kid that will be missed. Praying for her safety and success with her mission.

What We Learned or Discussed This Week
Early Church History through Glaucia
Staying Healthy through Vintage Remedies
Saying Not to Drugs through Time4Learning
Vocabulary with Maries Words
Prepositions Review
Attila the Hunn
Inverse Operations
Owl Study
Norse Mythology

What We Are Reading
Wesley the Owl
The Children of Odin
Famous Men of the Middle Ages
King Alfred's English
Twenty-One Balloons
The Book of Mark
Who is My Neighbor?

Classes Attended
Creative Writing and Introduction to Poetry
Yearbook Staff
LEGO Design

Upcoming Reviews
The Presidential Game
People Keys - Personality Test

This week there was no mistaking that Grace's favorite item was CNN Student News, but a close second would be what she is reading for science Wesley the Owl

Our ever present supervisor.

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