Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Year of Creative Christian Cooperative

Yesterday was a fun but exhausting day. As many of you already know, I co-direct a Fine Arts Cooperative of 36 families. We held auditions for The Aristocats for the elementary drama class. Let me tell you, we were blown away by the talent from those kids. After watching auditions all afternoon and meeting new families I came home to yet more work for the Cooperative. I am in charge of all the business end of things with the Cooperative. In less than a week we start. Now my focus is on getting all the supplies and lesson plans ready for the classes I teach: Elementary Art, Puppetry Arts, Fun with Literature, and Yearbook Staff. Me and my co-director want the children that attend our Cooperative to have fun, meet new people and make friends, learn about God through the Fine Arts, and share their talents with others in the community to show God's love. This morning me and Grace were reading our devotions from "Who Is My Neighbor and Why Does He Need Me?", I came across something that I will be sharing with all my students on the first day of class.

If you choose to keep God's gifts to yourself, then you will never complete your mission. If you hid yourself away from the world, content to live out your days quietly and uneventfully until the Master returns, then you will fail to become what God always intended you to be: a blessing to the world.
You are here to make a difference.
You are here to change lives.
You are here to change your community.
You are here to change the world.

I just loved this section of our devotions today. Our ultimate goal is to train these talented kids to go out in the community and share their gifts with others for the glory of God. 

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