Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of Busyness

This week has truly been crazy busy. All the last minute details for the beginning of our Cooperative had to be dealt with as well as planning a friends wedding and starting school. The week was gone before I knew it.

Monday - We had our final teacher's meeting to go over details for the Cooperative and got some of the rooms set up with what we would be using. I attended Zumba by myself because Grace was sick most of the week with a bad cold.

Tuesday - Auditions for elementary drama 2-6 then deciding who got what part. That was incredibly hard because we have a lot of talent in the elementary class. It was also so much fun meeting some of the new families.

Wednesday - Half day of school because we needed to travel to a weekly doctor's appt in the afternoon. While in the bigger city I stopped by Micheals and JoAnns to purchase last minute art supplies for my elementary art class, ferret food from Petsmart, and went to Home Depot to get prices to build some stuff for the Cooperative. After all of this running around we all decided we needed a pick me up and stopped in to get frozen yogurt at Sweet Monkey.

Thursday - On this day I had a meeting in the afternoon with my co-director of the Cooperative to finalize some of the plans for her wedding. She is getting married the end of this month and I am responsible with helping decorate and food.

Friday - This brings us to today. A full day of school, few errands in the afternoon, and hopefully Zumba class tonight. I am catching the cold that Grace has been suffering through all week. If I don't feel worse and Grace continues to feel better off to Zumba we go.

What We Learned This Week
Alaric the Visigoth
Preventing Sickness from Vintage Remedies
Vocabulary Words from Marie's Words
Greek and Latin Root Words
Barn Owls
Saudi Arabia
Lesson 1 in Algebra
Creative Writing with Story Starters

What We Are Reading
The Children of Odin
Famous Men of the Middle Ages
Twenty- One Balloons
Wesley the Owl
Glaucia - Early Church History
The Book of Mark
King Alfred's English

Review We Are Working On
People Keys - Disc Career Online

Our favorite item this week would probably have to be The Children of Odin which is a recommended read to go along with the Famous Men of the Middle Ages material. Grace loves the character Loki from the Thor and Avengers movie. Well the book is full of stories of Loki, only he is a very bad character in Norse mythology. I will have to say it has been very interesting studying Greek mythology last year and Norse mythology now. Seeing how they both explained what we know to have happened through the Bible is fascinating. So many stories are so similar. We enjoy contrasting the stories between Greek, Roman, Norse, and Christianity. 

I am sure that next week Grace's favorite item of interest will be the return of CNN Student News. She has missed it so much and is counting down the days till it returns, which is Monday the 12th of August.

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Sandra said...

We really enjoyed Wesley the Owl and learnt a lot about both barn owls and scientists from it. I definitely don't have it in me to raise one though!