Sunday, March 10, 2013

World War II Event at Northeast Georgia History Center

One Sunday each month the history center opens up for family day from 1:00 - 4:00 in the afternoon at no charge. This month the event centered around World War II. This was perfect for us because we are right in the middle of a World War II study. As we entered we were given a ration card to take to each station and have signed after participating in activities or listening to veterans give talks. Grace was a little old for the activities but it was still an interesting field trip to give her some first hand accounts of what took place.

There were many WWII artifacts available for viewing from German, Russian and American troops.

One booth offered food that was routinely eaten during this time period. Because of the ration cards women had to be inventive with what they had to put on the table. Today's fair included spam, potatoes and franks, carrot and spinach jello salad, oatmeal cookies and peanut loaf bread. Scott tried the jello salad and really like it, Grace tried it and could hardly swallow it. I passed. Some other activities that were offered pertained to planting a victory garden, tactile maneuvering of boats and troops through board games, creating badges that would go on uniforms, and the history of the ration cards. The most interesting time we spent was talking to a World War II veteran that served on Okinawa up until the bomb was dropped on Japan. He explained to us about the island jumping that took place because planes and boats could not make the complete distance from Honolulu and Okinawa for fuel. 

After our little field trip we headed to a new place for us, Sweet Monkey. which is a frozen yogurt shop. This place was incredible. Ten different choices of ice cream, and untold numbers of candy and toppings. Now we are all home and tired. It was a busy weekend, especially for Grace and Scott who went to Momocon on Saturday (future post coming). Looking forward to a quiet day around the house tomorrow, except for school of course.

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Fran said...

That sounds like my sort of place, I love history of any sort. How interesting that they even let you try the food. When my boys were young we often went off on trips that involved visiting one sort of historical building or another. Like the sound of frozen yoghurt xxx