Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art Tuesday

Today is Tuesday which means another Art Day Tuesday. We studied two poems from The Art of Poetry (which is an upcoming TOS Review product). The poets we read from today were Emily Dickinson and William Wordsworth. Another assignment was to create some sort of simple nature journal page. So far there are no buds on the trees, no flowers, nothing - Grace decided to sketch a squirrel she witnessed out our front door. Ironically the Emily Dickinson poem was about Spring. I asked Grace to include the poem on her page.
Grace is still working on note cards and such for the art festival in May. This is her newest creation. She is also in the planning stages of a manga book that she wants to create. Currently she is just working on character sketches and hopes to present it to her anime club to see if they want to work on it with her. Grace is also reading Making Comics and loving it. I have to admit that this book is great for budding comic book artists. We have it on loan from the library but it is going on my amazon wishlist.
Next on the agenda for art day was a to finish a unit out of our Artistic Pursuits book about shape.
The assignment we chose to do today was about sketching trees. Drama practice is this afternoon so we also had to practice Grace's lines and solo song. Cooperative will find us also attending classes in art history and choir.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Cute! If she's in to drawing scenes or buildings, I'd bet she could sell cards of local things easily.