Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Toys, Games and Puzzles

Currently we are home educating one child and she will turn 14 in June. As a younger student we did play games, work on puzzles, etc. As Grace has grown those types of items have played less and less of a role in our home. One reason may be because we only have one child living at home. Most board games are created for multiple players. Quite frankly only two players does not always equal fun when trying to play a game. At this point in our lives the only type of games that would qualify for this post is Wii games. Even with bringing Wii games to the discussion we only use them for exercise. I have mentioned in many posts about the dilemma of keeping my couch potato daughter active. I mean that last sentence in the most loving way. Wii Zumba Core and Just Dance are the preferred discs. They are perfect for cold or rainy days when going outside to exercise is not a possibility. The Just Dance game even has the option of including workout segments along with the music and dance. This has been a life saver for us in igniting a passion for healthy movement.

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