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Creek Edge Press Review - Medieval World Task Cards

I started researching the company Creek Edge Press over a year ago. Creek Edge Press Task Card Sets is what really caught my eye. This looked like a very interesting way to have kids follow a scope and sequence in a chosen topic, research it, then write summaries and create projects about the information they learned. The task card set Medieval World Task Card looked very interesting, and it was a time period we had not studied very much in the past. When I contacted Amy Kate Hilsman, the author of the product, she graciously sent me the Medieval World Task Card Set to review.

Medieval World Task Card SetA little background about the task card system will begin this review. The task card approach of learning leans heavily on three methods of education: Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Montessori. Many of the assigned tasks are open ended which encourages the child to research and think. The instruction booklet states, "The focus is on investigation and the experience of discovery." Some students may feel overwhelmed with this approach and need an adjustment period to get a handle on how it all works. Something I found was that in the beginning I had to sit with Grace and show her the process and how to actually "do research". As time has progressed she is doing more and more on her own. Amy Kate recommends placing the task card in the learning environment with all the needed materials. The task cards are meant to be used one per week, but can vary according to your child's ability and schedule.

The Medieval World Task Card set retails for $22.00 and is recommended for students K-8th grade. The younger students will need more hands on help and reading the material aloud while the older students will learn to research and record information on their own. This task card set covers the time period of The Fall of Rome through the Reformation and Renaissance. The cards are arranged chronologically and topically showing the students how history has unfolded over time by directing them through 32 weeks of learning. The author of the product recommends using one card per week. The task card set also comes with an instruction guide that guides the parent and student through using the cards. Also included in the guide is a list of books, movies, and tips to further your student's study of this time period.

Here is a list of the types of tasks you will find in the sets:
  • Encyclopedia research
  • Further reading
  • Define
  • Internet activity
  • Map Work
  • Ongoing Art and Projects
  • Picture Study
  • Summarize
  • Posters
  • Collages
  • Lists
  • Timelines or Book of Centuries
This is the second set of task cards I have reviewed from Creek Edge Press and it does not disappoint. I love the Medieval time period and can't wait to share more of it with Grace. For this review I decided to highlight one of the cards and show how we implemented it into our daily studies. Grace is crazy about all things Japan, so for this review post I chose to share her work from card #9 all about Ancient Japan and specifically Yamato Dynasty of Japan.
This task card had us researching Samurai, Shinto, Buddhism, Shoguns, and Noh Plays.

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Grace decided to create a small poster of what she learned about Yamato Dynasty of Japan by using the task cards for guidance. The guide book that is included with the cost of the cards is invaluable. All the information for implementing this in your home is in detail.  I feel so blessed to be learning alongside my daughter with this program. Anyone who has ever wanted to put together their own comprehensive unit study about a particular time period can now stop and go purchase this one. All the work is already done for you at a great price. I would even venture to say that the cards could be tweaked to use as high school history courses with adding some additional reading and writing which is what we actually plan on doing. Another option would be to add the task cards as a supplement to the history curriculum you are already using. That is one of the things I love most about home educating my child, if you like a product but need to tweak it, add to it, etc., then do it. This is a wonderful company with wonderful products.

Please go take a visit to Creek Edge Press and check out all the wonderful product they have available to make your home educating life easier.

Disclaimer: Creek Edge Press graciously sent me The Medieval World Task Card Set at no cost to me for my honest opinion. All review are mine. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.

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