Friday, March 8, 2013

It's a Wrap and Weekly Wrap Up Friday

Topics Discussed or Studied
Animal Intelligence
Bioluminescence and Fluorescence 
Small Basic Computer Code
Weapons of World War II
Atomic Bomb
Writing a Business Letter
Metaphors in Poetry
Betsy Ross and the American Flag
Noah Webster and the Dictionary
Periodic Table - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
Surface Area of Cubes 
Solid Figures - faces, edges, vertices, names

Reviews We Are Working On
Margarethe - Read Aloud
Art of Poetry
Essentials in Writing
Computer Science For Kids

Books We Are Reading
God's World News Magazine
The Mystery of the Periodic Table
Making Comics
Stories of the French Revolution

What We Are Creating
Journal pages for History and Science
Note cards and Bookmarks
Brain storming on creating a graphic novel

Stationary Bike Riding
Zumba Classes

Classes Attended
Drama - Aladdin Practice
Choir - Aladdin Music
Grace felt under the weather yesterday and today so we did not attend Writing, Art, and Electricity class.

Favorite Item Used This Week
We have started back watch Liberty Treehouse again every morning before starting our work. Liberty Tree House cane be found on The Blaze formerly know as GBTV. All you Glenn Beck fans out there will know what I am talking about. Liberty Tree House is a short programs that comes on daily at 3:00. We watch the previous day's episode. They always have three points to learn on each episode including history, science, service to the community, etc. 

Today I am linking up with It's A Wrap and kris over at Weird UnSocialized Home Schoolers.


mommyx12 said...

I love seeing the art work on your blog. It has really inspired my young girls and their drawings.

Anonymous said...

Your week sounds great. Sorry that your daughter is ill.
I am checking out that GB class.

Erin D said...

All your resources look great!

I hope that Grace is feeling better by now and able to come up with more beautiful works of art.