Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reading Aloud Challenge with Footprints in the Butter

Reading aloud happens a lot in our house. We read aloud history, literature, fun fiction, and some science occasionally. Also many of our review books end up as read alouds for use to share in the process together. Here are some current read alouds for us:

  • Margarethe by Emma Leslie - This is a book for TOS Review Crew about church history with lots of emphasis on Luther and Zwingli. Can't say a lot about this one yet. We have about one more week with this one and it will be finished and then the review will be up.
  • Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff - This is another TOS Review Crew book that takes place in Roman History. We are on chapter six today and I have ordered the movie from Netlflix. It should arrive by Friday so we can do some compare and contrast with the book. Can't really say anymore about this one either the review will post in April.
  • What We Believe Series from Apologia - Who Am I? and What Am I Doing Here? - We use this for devotions every morning. I absolutely love these books. This one is second in the series and we are almost done. Will order the third as soon as we are finished. Grace loves the stories in this series and they are packed full of wonderful information for young people about living your life for Jesus Christ and how to do it.
  • I just finished Hidden by Shelley Shepard Gray - A small book about Amish life and how one  young woman decided to take on that life for love.
  • I have just started reading Dream Big by Todd Wilson - We purchased this little book at the Greenville Convention and hubby has already finished it. This one fits in nicely with our life right now. Hubby is training for a career/life change and he is dreaming big to make it happen.
  • Grace is reading many manga type books because of course she is an anime fanatic. She has also picked back City of Ember to finish for her independent reading time. 
Join in the read aloud challenge by visiting Debra over at Footprints in the Butter.


Debra Brinkman said...

Some great books here...

Erin D said...

Great book list! Eagle of the Ninth is a favourite of mine.