Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Schooling In The Kitchen

For our family schooling in the kitchen is all about baking. I love to bake and wish to pass that passion on to Grace. In years past we have always had some sort of baked sweet in the house. Since losing twenty pounds and eating healthy - the baking had tapered off. Well, now the focus is to teach Grace how to bake by substituting bad ingredients with better healthy choices.

Our most current "class" in the kitchen saw us creating a cookie that doesn't have a name yet. I took a base recipe from another blogger then tweaked it. We included applesauce to replace 1/2 of the butter called for in the recipe. The white sugar was substituted with a stevia mixture. Other ingredients included - old fashioned oats, natural peanut butter, eggs, nuts, chocolate chips and wheat germ just for the fun of it. If ground flax seed was available I would have added that too. I hope we can continue to tweak this and other recipes together to learn a more healthy way of eating and living. Eating healthy and taking care of her body is on my top five list of items I wish Grace to take away from learning at home.
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