Saturday, September 29, 2012

The World of Anime

Grace's passion in life is anime. Not so much reading and watching it but mostly drawing it. She spends hours every day drawing her own characters. Six months ago she learned that anime con would be held in Atlanta. She has been waiting not so patiently to go. Today that day finally arrived. Because of my crazy busy week I decided to stay home and catch up on some work. Grace and hubby went without me. Traffic was awful, but they arrived safely and had a great time.

As you can see everyone dresses up, it is called cosplaying. She even got asked with two other girls that were also dressed as pikachu to be filmed in the video for the convention.

Currently Grace is all about the hipster glasses.


Fran said...

She looks so cute xxx

Karen said...

This looks so fun. Keilee has never been into Anime but I think if she had a chance to go to a convention she may change her mind. Grace is adorable. Love the glasses. Keilee is all about mustache stuff. :)