Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up With Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Wow, these weekly wrap up posts come around fast each week. I think it was a pretty typical week for us:

Monday - Holiday, no school. Grace was sick with a respiratory infection so not much fun going on either. Actually we were invited to my sister's house to visit with some relatives that were in town but hubby was the only one who could go I stayed home with Grace and Travis who were both not feeling well and probably contagious.

Tuesday - Of course we attended co-op. In drama we practiced blocking and reciting lines for the first 14 pages of our Narnia play. Grace is in the first part of the play as a unicorn speaking with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. In art history they are studying ancient Egypt and created masks. In school we are busy doing reviews for TOS and some of them we are enjoying very much. We started a literature lapbook this week for Island of the Blue Dolphins from Hands of a Child. This is the quarterly freebie, you can download it for nothing. We do lapbook units a little different. Grace despises cutting and pasting so we just you the text and questions and she writes her information down in a notebook.

Wednesday - We ran around all morning trying to find a particular medication for Grace and in the end had to have it ordered for the next day. More of the same with school and very little exercising going on, at least with Grace, because she has had some medical issues. Hoping to get back on the bandwagon this week.

Thursday - More co-op with dance and choir. Grace also attended her second class of beginning essay writing. She was very pleased that she got a 90 percent on her homework. Writing is really not her thing, but she absolutely loves this teacher, so I am hoping the energy of the class will transmit to better writing skills. Thursday night also included Acts of Faith practice for a couple of hours. Very little academic work happens on Thursday except the writing class because of our time away from home with the co-op and Acts of Faith.

Friday - I went off on an adventure to look at co-op in another town to get ideas for our cooperative. It was very encouraging and helpful. Grace didn't get school done today because I came home so late in the afternoon. Instead of doing some by herself she decided to wait and us do it on Saturday. Sometimes Saturday school does happen around here if we didn't get a lot done during the week and if we have nothing going on for the weekend. She spent most of the day with hubby thrift store shopping and eating out for lunch. We hope to get to the fair in the next couple of days because Grace wants to see if she won any ribbons for her art work.

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Nicole said...

Hope Grace gets to feeling better soon!

Karen said...

Another strange coincidence. :) I downloaded Island of the Blue Dolphins and we went to the library to get it but it was checked out. Keilee has never liked lapbooks. But lately she doesn't mind them as much. She usually does them like a notebook. Sorry Grace wasn't feeling well Monday but practice seems to be going well. So glad that Grace is liking her writing class!

Eddie said...

Hope that Grace is feeling better by now and that you haven't caught it.

My daughter doesn't like the cutting much, but she does enjoy planning the layout and pasting the elements in, so we usually split it up that way.

Way to go Grace on the 90%! What a great start to the class.

Leslie said...

Hope all are feeling better by now! Sounds like y'all had a busy week. We do school on the week-ends here sometimes too. Whatever works, right?