Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was our first with all extracurricular activities included. Tuesday and Thursday Grace went to her fine arts co-op and participated in art history with making  something from ancient Egypt out of clay, drama practice for The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, choir practice, and in dance class the partnered couples continued to learn the Waltz. On Thursday we also add her weekly Beginner Essay Writing class with one of her favorite teacher's Ms. Christy. Ms. Christy makes everything fun even Grace's dreaded writing time. She was assigned daily writing to put in an observational journal and writing a thesis statement as well as some supporting thoughts for their first big essay. Grace chose to write an essay about fighting animal abuse.  Thursday night also included practice with Acts of Faith which is a drama ministry team.

School itself went pretty well this week. The one thing we are having trouble fitting in is reading. Unless I assign something she just doesn't do it. We are working on five different reviews for TOS Crew with future posts coming. We created a miniature greenhouse to use as an example of the Earth's atmosphere and the greenhouse effect. Also played a game about salt preservation (from one of the reviews). As I have mentioned over and over math is a much disliked subject in our household. For Grace but not for me. This summer we did a review of Math Essentials that you can read about here or visit their website Math Essentials. Currently we are working through the Problem Solving workbook and once finished will head back in to Pre-Algebra Concepts and if time permits at the end of the year I will purchase the Geometry book. The biggest selling point for Grace is shorter amount of problems and less time in the day devoted to math and it has built in review.

Grace turned in her two art drawings for the county fair to be judged in the art show. Of course both were manga drawings, her specialty. Last year she won 2nd place in her age division. She continues to draw 4-6 hours daily either on computer with her bamboo pad or sketch pad. Something that fascinates me is that she will draw her character on the sketch pad, take a picture of it on her i-phone, then upload to her manga software or paint and digitize it. Once on the computer is can color it and add graphics, etc. It amazes me how talented she is in this area.

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Karen said...

Such a busy week Diane! So glad that Grace is taking a writing class from a teacher she loves. Keilee loves writing but she doesn't love the 'bones' of it. The rules,etc. We seriously don't do that often. :/ Can't wait to hear more about the "LWW" play. I would love for Kei's group to do that!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Sounds like a fun filled week. Math used to not be a favorite in our house. Last year my children just began to like it & just last week my son informed me that is his favorite subject. I guess it just had to grow on them or something.