Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Week So Far

Wow, this week has been a whopper. Very busy with lots of activities going on. Here is the breakdown:

  • Monday - School work and a visit to the library during the day. Three hours of prison ministry training at the state prison during the evening. Let me just say that my socks were knocked with that meeting. The warden spoke to us for about an hour and then two chaplains. These women were awesome. They love what they do and the programs, classes, etc. that are available to women in prison for rehabilitation is incredible. But so much more can be done. Looking so forward to getting all our volunteer paperwork settled so we can start.
  • Tuesday - School work in the morning and dropped the car off to have a tire replaced (did I mention that I rode over a hammer in the road). Taught and assisted at the cooperative 3:00 - 6:00.
  • Wednesday - Took my mom to Atlanta (1 12 hours away) for her doctor appointment to get results. God is so good!!! Tumors are still stable and not growing so we get 4 more months until another scan. After the appt mom took me to Kohls and bought me and Grace some clothes. Rushed home and got dressed to go to a birthday party for a friend that had moved away. Their house is still for sell here so they came back for a couple of days so their daughter could invite all her friends over for a party. Lots of fun. Brought two girls home from the party to spend the night so they could attend Acts of Faith practice on Thursday (they live one hour away).
  • Thursday - This leads us up to today. All the girls are doing some school work this morning. We will head out at 12:00 to get a bite of lunch then drop Grace off at her writing class. The two extra girls will go with me to Acts of Faith leaders house to do some more school work then Grace will head over there also to practice music for Acts of Faith until time to head out to cooperative at 3:00. I will teach puppetry arts today and Grace will attend choir. Then Grace will go with the Acts of Faith group until 8:30 for practice and dinner. I will go home to eat with the rest of the family and walk. I haven't walked in three days because of the heavy schedule and I really need it.
  • Still to do - Friday will have more school work and anime club meeting. I have to finish Grace's cosplay costume for the Anime convention she will attend on Saturday with her dad. 
I am bowing out of going to the convention because I am bone weary tired. Also the house is in a shambles and I need grocery shop as well as pay bills. Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. 


Nicole said...

We are thinking of doing the same thing for Eli's birthday this year, going back to our house in Oklahoma so he can have a birthday party with his friends there.

Fran said...

Wow, did you actually have time to breathe! I am so glad that it was good news for your Mum, time to celebrate xxx