Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Week

In one way this has been a busy week and in another it has been like any other week. Finishing up the Fine Arts classes for the year with our final performances next week. It will be good to have Tuesdays and Thursdays back for some academics and just relaxation. School is going right along, working in some of the new items that I purchased at the convention this past weekend. Grace gets to go to her first private art lesson today, she is very excited about it. Health issues still abound with mom and dad. Dad is still in pain so has started with a chiropractor three times a week but feels it will take up to six weeks to see some results. Mom had two episodes this week that are like chest pains, just like the one that landed her in the hospital a couple of months ago. She decided to plug along with the medication and didn't have any problems yesterday or today so far. Scott is getting put back on the day shift/5 days a week, for the past year he has worked the night shift/4 days a week. He is not really happy about it, it really decreases on the time that he can work on his art. Grace volunteered at the library yesterday, normally we go on Monday afternoons but not much going on during that time frame. Decided to change it and go right after story hour each week and help clean up. Grace is working really hard at learning how to shelve books - dewy decimal system and alphabetizing fiction books. It will take time but each week she gets a little better at it.

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