Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exhausting Day

Anytime we have to travel to Emory for appts it is an exhausting day. Grace didn't want to go with us this go around so I worked it out for her to stay with a friend and her mother. The mother is a teacher at Trinity. I sent some school work with Grace to work on in the morning and then in the afternoon everyone was going swimming. We left about 8:45 this morning, dropped Grace off at Trinity and then got on the highway to head for Emory. Today was to be just one appt with mom's doctor. You never know how long you are going to have to wait for this particular doctor. Ended up waiting one hour in the waiting room and 1 1/2 hours in the exam room. We have finally gotten mom regulated on one chemo pill once a day for the past three weeks, will go one more week then up it to one pill twice a day. In five week some more lab work and CT scan then one week later appt with doctor for results. Got home about 4:30. Good thing Grace didn't go this time, too much waiting. She would have gone nuts. She decided to spend the night with the same friend tonight. My night will consist of helping Travis (my other child that I don't talk about very much) finish his mid term portfolio for his college English class.

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Shirley Ann said...

Hi Diane, thanks for you comment. Thought I would respond here to save you going back to my comments. I will post on living in Cape Town, good idea! I love living here, it is a beautiful city, very diverse. Love visiting you here by the way :)
Blessings Shirley