Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling Better and Some Random Pics

Thanks so much to everyone who commented and calmed my nerves. A special thanks to one of my teacher friends that researched for me a different test to pursue that looks much easier. Also Grace can take the test with her. We finally finished all our final performances for choir and drama. The above pic is their performance of Hamlet at the local library for some senior citizens and students from a small local private school. We are very glad to take a breather. The pic below is Grace's final two projects from her handicraft class. I have been working on our schedule for next year and what subjects we will under take. I am very excited about the new year adding in a foreign language (just for fun). I hope to post our plans soon once everything is finalized. Thanks again for all the nice comments on my previous post.


The Zoo Keeper said...

My favorite one is the right one Grace. Nice job! And thanks for frog sitting for Nathan.

Frances said...

Great projects! Foreign language is fun to learn! That will be a great addition. What language will you be learning?

Diane said...

I didn't want to purchase anything just yet and will save two years of Spanish until High School. We do have software for German her at the house so I think we will start with that just for fun, nothing to in depth.