Monday, May 17, 2010

School Today

Today was another Nature Study Challenge. We have just started a section on garden flowers. Grace picked a bloom off the geranium to use with our diagram of plant parts. We decided to glue the diagram in the nature journal with a drawing of the geranium bloom. After that Grace dissected the bloom to see the inner workings of a flower. Only two more chapters on our study about The Alamo, which has been very interesting. Next in history will be The Oregon Trail. I have three books to share with Grace on the subject. In math we have only a couple more chapters in our Life of Fred book about Fractions and the remainder of the summer will be review over many different math concepts to keep them fresh in her mind. I am very excited about a project I have undertaken. I have been very undecided as to what to use for math next year. Love the Life of Fred books but feel we need to add more to it especially since she will be tested at the end of this year. Teaching textbooks was at the top of my list, but at a price of $150.00 just for one year I balked. So here is what I did, I took the table of contents of what she would be learning with 6th grade and created our own math curriculum with free worksheets from the Internet. When the time comes to learn percents and decimals I will purchase the next Life of Fred book for $20.00 and go from there. Today also found us with grammar, spelling, narration writing from one of the books on the Alamo, Bible, dictation, and a story from Missionary Stories with the Millers.
As I mentioned before Grace has started some private art lessons and the above picture was some homework from that class. She was asked to draw the differences of eye shapes from different types of animals. She decided to include the hooves for each animal also. In the above pic she did a horse, bird, dog, and cat.

Grace drew this today while we were reading a chapter from By the Shores of Silver Lake. We decided that we wanted to start watching the Little House Series again so I put some on our list with Netflix. Have I mentioned lately how much we love Netflix. In the next couple of weeks we plan on ditching cable and getting a roku box to watch Netflix live on our TV.


The Zoo Keeper said...

LOL! Mike is going to call you a copy cat! You can borrow our Little House stuff any time you want.

Chris said...

What a talented artist! Does Grace spend a lot of time drawing?

Tracy said...

Hi Diane! Just got back online and catching up on everyone's blogs! You have been quite busy! Grace is very very good with her drawings! I was never talented in the art department but my sister was and I loved seeing her work! Keep posting Grace's work! I love seeing them!