Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Sun

This is the third day with clouds/rain and no sun. After a day or two it is just plain depressing without the sun in the sky. Hopefully as the day wears on it will get better. Yesterday was another busy day. Grace attended her fine arts classes at Trinity (only three more classes) and had a choral performance last night. In the afternoon we did some school. We have started the Easy Grammar book that I purchased at the convention and really liking it. Grace has already learned prepositional phrases, infinitives and helping verbs. I think she like it too. Moving right along in our Life of Fred book with only 6 more lessons to go before finishing. Then we will work on review through the summer to keep her mind fresh. I still think that I will purchase the 6th grade Teaching Textbooks for the new year. I really like the Life of Fred series and the next book is Percents and Decimals, but this will also be a year for standardized testing (we do it every three years per state law) and I feel she really needs to review everything over the year to prepare for it. We might do Life of Fred again next summer for review of percents and decimals because she really does like the series. We hope to do a small field trip today to a nursery for our next Outdoor Hour Challenge, we are starting garden flowers. Really enjoying nature study these days even with no sun. Mom and dad are still good over this past week and a half which is a real blessings. We haven't gone this long without any problems in a while.

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