Friday, May 21, 2010

Freaking Out!!!!!

Grace will have to take the California Achievement Test at the end of next year which will be her 6th grade year. Our state requires us to take a test every three years beginning in 3rd grade but we don't have to turn in the results. Kind of crazy, huh! Anyway a teacher friend of mine emailed me a sight to find out what types of questions might be on the 6th grade version. I just looked at everything and I am freaking out! Every math problem is a word problem, and half of the questions like: probability, geometry, and algebraic equations we haven't even learned at all yet. The history/social science questions mostly focused on ancient history and we have be in depth in American history for the past 1 1/2 year and still have one more year to go. I already have our year planned out and don't really want to change it. What to do?!


Frances said...

Oh, no! Good luck in figuring it out!

argsmommy said...

If you don't have to turn in the results, then don't worry about it. She'll probably do a lot better than you think. Get some test prep books and have her practice a little once a week. Don't change your plans for a silly test. Just think about your goals for homeschooling. My guess is that your plans are in line with those goals and the test has little to do with those goals. : )

Pam said...

Agreeing with the above comment. Look at the positive. 1. She will learn how to take a test. 2. You will have a taste of areas they are looking for when you teach them in later years. 3. You can glean from what she does know. 4. You don't have to send results in, so you can keep your commitment to "doing what you do for God and not for men", yet still obey the laws of the land. 5. You will gain some ideas from the test and can incorporate it into your plans for another year.
Remember that challenges help us to become more deeply committed to what we are doing, and pressure helps us to excel.

The Zoo Keeper said...

Oooooo good comment Pam! I like it! Plus, we don't want to be "teaching the test!" Oh how often I hear that while teaching and can't wait to homeschool next year!

Tanya said...

Good answer Pam and Zoo Keeper is really spot on too. I think you are very committed and thorough and providing a wonderful broad balance of work for Grace. This test is just another re-focus or temperature check if you understand what I mean.

Leslie said...

You have gotten great advice. I agree, don't worry about teaching to the test. I think you'll be surprised at how well she does do. Do you know if she has to take all of the subjects or can she just take a survey? (We've done the latter to meet our state requirements.)

We also have to test - but yearly. I do it to meet the law, but it does not influence my schooling. You know what your goals are and you also know her strengths and weaknesses. Continue to let God guide you as you plan. You'll do great!