Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Artist Study

Just like in composer study we have been woefully behind in artist study. I really love the postcard size paintings that you can get from www.doverpublications.com. I picked up the two pictured above to use over the next couple of months and today at a used book store found one on Van Gogh. So if we do one artist a month I will be covered until August. Really Charlotte Mason recommended to study them longer than a month, but Grace starts get bored with just one artist for any longer than that time frame. Tomorrow we will start with Whistler.


Pam said...

I love these too. We break them up and put a hole punch in each, with a ring clasp; but they work fine the way they are too.

Diane said...

Great idea with the ring clasp. I might have to try that.

School for Us said...

I have really neglected artist (& composer) studies this year. I would love to study Whistler. I hope you and your daughter both enjoy it!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my post about polio. It does sound like a very scary time in our history - our recent history - that affected so many families. I'm sorry to hear that your dad went through it.