Thursday, May 27, 2010

Field Trip

This year we haven't been able to go on many field trips due to a number of reasons that I won't go in to now. But today we did and it happened to be the last trip for our support group for the school year. We visited Smithgall Woods for a beaver talk and salamander catch.
The kids had a blast catching salamanders in the creek. Grace caught three. We learned that Georgia has the most species of salamanders - 51 - in the United States and that the Southeastern United States has the most species in the world.

It was great to see some of the group members and hang out. The talks were very informative and the kids really had a great time.


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

How cool! We've never been on a salamander catch! Sounds like fun!:) You should link up to Field Trip Friday.

professor@worldstaracademy said...

Hi! That beaver on the table is fake, right?
My boys found a salamander in the yard once and were elated. We're so used to the lizards all over the place here in California that a salamander just seemed very slick and cool.

I'm visiting your blog for the first time after following the link from your comment on mine (about the Alamo). I'm so glad to have found you! Your title "Geeky Homeschool Mom" cracked me up. You are quite right - it may be geeky, but I'm right there with you! I look forward to reading more about your homeschool adventures.

Tracy said...

Oh wow! That looks like a ton of fun!! My kids love the outdoors! This would be right up their alley! Glad you shared as you have given me a few new ideas!

The Zoo Keeper said...

That's a real taxidermy beaver on the table I assuming!