Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Weekend

Just some random thoughts to pass along:

Mom and dad are doing better. Dad is visiting a chiropractor three times a week for his back and has pulled himself off of the pain killer and muscle relaxers that were making him just not act like himself in so many ways. Mom has not had anymore chest pains and is tolerating the low dose of her chemo pill well. Hoping and praying that everything continues to stay on an even keel.

Friday - Went over to a good friends house for a playdate. Grace and the other girls swam all afternoon. Also got to visit baby chickens and a baby goat that looks like a skunk in coloring and named Flower. Lots of good conversation and visiting. Hubby met us at the Mexican restaurant for dinner afterwards.

Saturday - Me and mom went out in the morning to do some shopping and just be together. After lunch went to a family graduation party for my cousin who is graduating with a masters in art from Georgia State University. Good to spend time with all the family. All the kids and hubby played croquet all afternoon.

Sunday - Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there in blog land. My son gave me a wireless printer. Yeah! We have been without a working printer for more than six months. Grace gave me a ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. She knows they are my favorite. My sister's family and us went to my moms after church for a mother's day lunch. Yum! Fried chicken. Mom actually got to go to church this morning, it has been awhile. I know it was good for her.

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Tanya said...

Great to get an update and I'm so glad your Dad has found another solution to help with his back.