Friday, January 8, 2010

What We Have Been Studying Lately

I thought for those that are interested I would give a recap of some of the things we having been doing lately:

We only have 4 more chapters in Flying Creatures Zoology book so we decided to take a couple weeks off from it and do a lapbook on Oceans. We've just started but Grace doesn't really like it. Mainly because she really doesn't like working independently, which is why I chose to do this now. She needs to start working on her own and learning how to find answers out on her own.

Just finished reading The Cabin Faced West and about to start The Sign of the Beaver. Kind of learning about Indians and Settlers going out west. Grace is reading and narrating a book about Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alaphabet.

Grace has been reading through the Warrior Series and about to finishe the first Percy Jacson book.

Reading The Family Under the Bridge to learn about Paris, France as well as a travel book I have about France. Also some educational games on kidzui.

Review pages daily of times tables and large digit subtraction and addition as well as long division and multiplication. Also fraction. Finishing up Making Math Meaningful and soon moving on to Life with Fred - Fractions.

Language Arts
Still working on spelling, context clues, cursive, writing, grammar worksheets, and reading. Also use

Almost finished with The Children's Story Bible by Catherin Voss. Loved it. Moving on to Greenleaf Guide to the OT. Also doing a Bible study about the book of Proverbs.

Grace has many drawing books that we work through as well as other medias that we do periodically. She is learning crocheting at her handicrafts class. We also learn a new artist through a co-op once a month at my house.

Grace attends chorus at Trinity and we learn about one composer a month through the co-op at my house.

Just start working on The Music Man.


Bronwyn said...

It looks like you are doing lots of interesting things. We read The Sign of the Beaver a couple of years ago and just loved it. We also have the movie and it is really good as well.

Dan said...

I was happy to discover your blog today. I was unable to find a contact link. I hope it's OK that I'm contacting you through a public comment.

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Thank you very much!

Dan Hite
TedCo Software

Catherine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Sounds like ya'll have a good plan going. Enjoy.

Naturalearthfarm said...

Looks like I will be putting The Cabin Faced West on our list. Thank you for sharing. It is nice to read about what other homeschoolers are doing. Thank you for visiting my blog as well. Warm wishes, Tonya

Leslie said...

Looks like y'all are doing lots of fun stuff. The composer a month co-op sounds neat. Can you share more about how you are doing this? Lots of details for someone who is musically challenged. :-)