Thursday, January 21, 2010

Full Day

Today was a Trinity Day. Choir, handicrafts, and drama. In handicrafts Grace finished her first crocheted scarf and is starting another. In drama we learned the choegraphy for three songs in The Music Man and practiced many songs. Immediately following drama with left for a friend's house for a play date. No real book work for us today. Left friend's house to meet son at Zaxby's for dinner then home to start a fire ( can you believe it dropped 10 degrees from the time we left this morning to 2:15 in the afternoon), it was supposed to be in the high 50's today but went down to 41. Also doing some catch up on laundry and blogging. Hope to watch the rest of The Music Man tonight on disc. In the morning got to wake up and do some more baking for the seminar tomorrow as well as some school,

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