Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Wednesday usually always revolve around mother going to Emory for treatments or tests. Since she is part of a clinical trail we have to go every week for six months. We are about 6 weeks into this cycle. Right now she is feeling good, but that is because we are in the two weeks off of meds section of the cycle. Today had to go and do blood work and a CT Scan. Since Emory is 1 1/2 hours away this is an all day affair. Grace normally stays with her Papa and they do lunch together. Today was the first time I sent school work with her to do. Mostly just stuff she can do on her own. Spelling, Cursive, two chapters for Mr. Popper's Penguins, Math Review pages, and she watched two episodes of a video called Country Mouse, City Mouse and they travel to historical locations. I think today she watched an episode about Big Ben in London and The Orient Express. On the way home from the hospital today we stopped at a grocery store that we don't have close by. It has a great bakery and produce department. I wasn't supposed to be buying anything from the grocery until next Friday, according to my plan, but there were a couple of items I just couldn't resist. I bought some more pink lady apples, gold potatoes (because we are running through them so fast), some pre-packaged Grilled Italian chicken that I like to use for my chicken Alfredo (which none of the stores here at home have),gallon of milk, and some salami for the dinner party this weekend I am hosting. Hopefully I won't have to get anything else until next Friday. So if that ends up being the only extra trip, I spent only 20.00 over what I had planned. Wish me luck!

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