Friday, January 15, 2010

Things Keeping Me Occupied

There has actually been alot going on lately. I just haven't posted wanting the art giveaway to take first place at the top of my blog. For those of you looking for it, it is the next entry down and you can continue to enter until Feb. 6th. Here are some random things going on in our lives:

Update on Mom- Last week mom had a really hard time with her third chemo infusion. Was sick most of the week and I spent much of my time going back and forth to take care of her and dad. Yesterday we went for her fourth infusion and hopefully she will do a little better this go around due to pre medicating for side effects as much as possible. Her birthday is Sunday and I really hope she is up to a little party. I can't say enough about the nurses, etc. at Emory. They are just wonderful and have taken very good care of my mom.

Frugality- I have been reading a lot of blogs and books from the library on this material. I am changing some immediate things to become a little more frugal. Not shopping! Trying to go to the grocery store only once a week. Only eating out once a week and it be something cheap. I know I shouldn't be going out at all, but give me time I am just starting out. Crocheting lots of pretty washclothes for the kitchen to take place of using so many paper towels. Stop using paper plates. I made my mother's birthday gift and will continue to try and plan ahead for each family members birthdays this year.Bread making is also something I am trying my hand at. It is truly an art form and am still having trouble with some of the rising times. But I will keep plugging along until I get it right. Also want to start making our own pizza dough, biscuits, etc. I already like to bake and bake alot of our own sweets. Also been reading alot about gardening, chickens, and just a more sustainable living arrangement. I feel pretty gung ho about it and will start taking baby steps to try and accomplish some of the items on my list that I really want to try this year, not only to save money but just have a more simply way of life.

Crocheting - I am a crocheting freak these days. Just love it. I have crocheted my whole life off and on but have really taken a renewed interest in it. We have a local yarn shop that has free sit and stitch times every Friday night, went last week with a friend. I have always just learned visually but need to learn how to read a pattern. I would like to do some small purses and a shawl. Have finsihed alot of scarves and washclothes and currently starting on some blankets. I will try to remember to take some photos and get them posted.

Husband's Art - Hubby has been working very hard lately on his art. We currently have a giveaway that alot of you know about. He is in a new showing at a local gallery and we are looking at three art festivals in the spring to attend around the state of Georgia. We really want to start traveling to more of these. He also wants to work on getting into a gallery in Atlanta sometime this year if possible. If you are familiar with the High Museum of Art in Atlanta there is a high priced gallery called The Low that is close by that hubby has his sites on. This Saturday night is the reception at the local gallery to kick of this new showing. Unfortunately I don't think they will let us take pictures.

That is my life in a nutshell right now. Lots of things going on in this brain of mine. I will keep you posted on how everything is progressings. Thanks for listening and letting me bounce ideas off of you.

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Debbie S. said...

I have always felt that being frugal is like our "job". My husband's job makes the money, but I can make my "job" is saving money.

It's fun to get creative and feel like we've contributed to the well-being of our families.

I love the idea of making b-day gifts. Please post your ideas in the future. I would love to hear some suggestions.

Have a great day!