Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Plan

I really did have a plan today. This morning was Trinity for Chorus, Handicrafts, and Drama. After classes we were to come home around 2 and do some book work. Well, that plan kind of went down the drain. My sister called me first thing this morning and public school was letting out early due to inclement weather. Normaly my mom would pick up my nephew but she is recovering today from her third chemo infusion from yesterday, which just leaves me. I had already planned on dropping Grace off for Chorus and Handicrafts and go to my moms to see if she needed me for anything(she is usually very sick the day after an infusion) then head back to help with the drama class. But of course I really couldn't do that if I had my nephew with me. Drama teacher called and explained that Trinity also followed the public school schedule so drama was cancelled. One problem down. Once I got to my moms this morning and saw how sick she had been I knew I needed to leave the kids with someone else so I could get back to helping my mom. New plan - pick up Grace, pick up nephew, get them some lunch, drop them back off with hubby to watch until he had to leave for work, then I go back to moms. I still really thought late in the afternoon we would be able to do some book work. Then the snow started. To much distractions. To much going on. No book work done. If snow still on the ground tomorrow I bet we won't get much done then either. Breath! Breath! Maybe I should consider unschooling.

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