Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Weekend

This weekend was fairly quiet. We were supposed to have two families over for games and cards on Saturday night but the weather predicted a major ice storm, so we postponed for another night. The ice storm kind of fizzled out. Branches of trees were covered with ice, but the roads were fine and power never went out. Friday we hung around the house alot and hubby got alot of wood cut up for the wood stove. Saturday we were starting to get a little cabin fever and after lunch decided to go to one of the major libraries we love so much that is 50 minutes from the house. We checked out a total of 35 books. Some of the selections were about the Olympics and Ancient Greece which is one of the studies we will be starting this coming week. Also checked out some materials on taking care of poultry, simple living, bread making, and art. Tried to make bread again in the oven (nothing has been rising for me) added an egg to the recipe and what do you know, it rose. Success!!!! I was so happy, starting to feel very discouraged about the whole bread making thing. I had resolved to use the bread maker, but felt that was kind of like cheating. Also made from scratch cookies for snacking, muffins for breakfast, and brownies this afternoon for the Chili cookoff we are going to tonight at church. Brother-in-law gave us some dry erase wallpaper that someone gave him and will be making a big dry erase board for the school room. Grace has friends over this afternoon and they are designing clothing with her project runway gift that her aunt gave her for Christmas. All in all a calm and relaxing weekend.


The Stone Age Techie said...

Dry-erase wallpaper?!? I didn't even know that this existed... I must find a way to fit some into our basement remodel, we are almost at the wall-covering stage:-)

It sounds like you had more or less my perfect weekend!
Cheers -

Anonymous said...

aren't calm weekends the best weekends?

The Zoo Keeper said...

Which library? Gainesville?

Dana said...

I have a tough time with bread in the winter, except sourdough. It seems to do pretty well. But we keep our house pretty cold (62). I'm looking forward to trying it out in our new roaster. Mostly because I look forward to trying anything in new stuff. :)