Monday, January 25, 2010

Co-op and Indians

We have been reading The Sign of the Beaver and enjoying it very much. Grace decided that after all her work was done she wanted to do things like the Indians. Here is her and a friend messing around with bows and arrows.
Here is the start of her tee pee.

Today was art/composer co-op day. Our chosen composer was Claude Debussy. Normally I read a bio, we listen to the music, and do some type of craft or art while listening. The seminar I recently attended suggested not trying to put facts into the kids heads (birth date, death, place of birth, etc) and instead just let them listen to the music and start to recognize it and make a connection with it. Claude Debussy was composing during the impressionistic period, so I had the kids listen to the music and paint what it made them feel or think about in an impressionistic style.

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Anonymous said...

What a fab day! I adore the art work!