Friday, January 22, 2010

Homeschool Heaven

Okay, tonight was like I was in Homeschool Heaven. As I mentioned a couple of posts back tonight was the seminar with Sonya from Simply Charlotte Mason. We went to dinner with Sonya and her husband and daughter prior to the seminar. It was our support group that was hosting the seminar. It was really nice to be able to talk to them one on one for a while before the actual workshops. Attending was 35 woman, mostly from North GA. area. Sonya put together two hours of topics of our choice. The first hour was Discipleship Is and was very encouraging. She showed us how to use the scripture memorization system that works for her and I think we are going to try it soon. In between classes we had refreshments and got to look out all of her books that you could purchase. I have pictures of the three that I decided needed to go home with me tonight. The second hour was Fine Arts the Charlotte Mason Way. Mostly about picture and composer study which we already do in our home. After both classes were finished she had a question and answer session that was very insightful. We went over on time, but no one seemed to care. Everyone was just soaking all the info up like a sponge. Once people started to leave we helped them pack up to go back home. I had so much fun tonight. Could listen to Sonya for hours. It is almost midnight, so I need to get to bed. If I think of more info you might find interesting I will make another post for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am such a huge supporter of home schooling, or as we say here home education!

Bronwyn said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your seminar.
Thank you so much for sharing these. I just went over to the Simply Charlotte Mason Website and found the Pet Store math and found out they have a sports store one too. This is going to be a real treat for Tyler. He loves real life math activities.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Your three choices of books are excellent- we have used them too! Since I've not been able to hear her speak, I did purchase one of their seminars on DVD. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and left encouraged! Can't wait to see how your week goes next week with all your new inspiration!:)

School for Us said...

What a treat to hear her in person! And, thanks for posting about the books you bought. I've looked at Laying Down Rails quite a few times. I'll go have another look! And, I'm planning on using Pet Store Math (along with the other 2) for a co-op next fall! I think it'll be great. And, I've never seen the 3rd book you mentioned.

I'm glad Tonya mentioned the DVDs of the seminars. I'll be looking at those, too!