Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Coming Back From A Tough Month

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes during our tough time here at the Cabin In the Woods. We are rounding the bend and seeing light at the end of the tunnel. There are many things I share here but this one I don't feel comfortable sharing, at least at this point. Maybe some day. Just know that I appreciate you all so much.
This week has been beautiful, with the exception of today (rain and dreariness). On Wednesday we went on a little nature hike to see pumpkins and sunflowers. Absolutely gorgeous! Grace brought back a pumpkin to paint with the theme of one of her favorite movies, A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Grace worked very hard this week Monday - Thursday so that we could take a day off today and have some fun. Some of the topics covered this week were fractions, personal finance, muscular system, puritans (which Grace found fascinating - so it will probably become her topic for the mid-term essay), Before I Met Prince Charming, Email From God (devotional), Spanish homework (they are on break this week so no class), reading The Giver for Literature Class, Fix It! Grammar, and lots of art projects for the art show, Cooperative classes, and current events. If you asked Grace what her favorite part of this week was she would definitely tell you listening to the lectures from Dave Raymond's American History about the Puritans and of course creating her pumpkin.
Grace's passion for art has been reignited and that I am so happy about. Lots of creating this past week.

We finished two reviews (one will post next week) and have two more coming then that will be the end of the Crew Review Year. We were blessed with lots of wonderful products this year.

With all the turmoil that was going on the past month I realized I just couldn't get through this without God. I had really stepped away from Bible study for a while and even going to church. The past three weeks have found us back in church - at a new church actually and that is good. Last week I found a Beth Moore Bible study to start at home and had some inspiration from Instagram to journal each chapter. I will have a post coming up in a few days describing my new way of studying the Bible and who gave me that inspiration as well.

Weekly Wrap-Up


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post! I was smiling the whole time I was reading!!!

Leslie Kleppe said...

Beautiful pumpkin! You have a very talented daughter :)

Karen said...

Diane I am sorry you have had a rough last month. I am such a bad friend, I haven't even kept up with my blog much less my blog friends. I will pray that everything improves for you all. I so much love Grace's art. I just think she is unbelievably talented and I am glad she is finding joy in it again. I love the pumpkin!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend and a beautiful October. Hugs friend.