Sunday, October 12, 2014

Living the Artist Life

Grace got to see what a true artist's life is like this weekend while showing her art in a two day art show. Friday was pretty slow but it picked up on Saturday. She stayed all day on Saturday with her dad who was also showing some of his own art. Grace is the youngest member of this particular art guild and most of the artists have shown her lots of love and taken her under their wing so to speak. She helped pass out flyers at another venue, priced all of her work, interacted with artists and the general public that were attending the show. Grace also had the opportunity to meet a new friend and spend some time talking cosplaying, anime, etc. (all her favorite subjects). It was a great weekend all around for her. She sold four pieces of art and also acquired a commission to work on as one of the pieces had already sold that a patron wished to purchase. Thanks to all the family and friends that came out and supported Grace and Scott in this endeavor.

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LJS said...

This is such a testimony to letting our kids pursue their interested NOW! Congratulations!!!