Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reliving the Elementary Years

As I have mentioned many times before the high school years just aren't quite as fun as the elementary years. This year I was given the opportunity to tutor three 5th grade girls three days a week. In the beginning it was an adjustment, as you can imagine. I went from one teenager in the house to now also having three younger girls in the house as well. Grace had to learn to be independent very quickly and she has adjusted pretty well. It helps that she is pretty good with kids. So far I have gotten to share some of the great books, lessons, and educational movies/videos that I shared with Grace when she was younger. 

Early on we did a study of Ancient Egypt and created pyramids out of sugar cubes and the country of Egypt out of cookie dough.

This past week we learned a little about Japan and their culture. Wednesday we had Japanese food for lunch and the girls tried California Rolls and eel sushi. The girls enjoyed the sushi. They also created traditional Japanese fans that i forgot to take pictures of.

They are also enjoying Word Up a new vocabulary video program that I will be posting a review for in the next day or so. 

I appreciate so much these precious families entrusting their children with me and letting me tutor them in a hopefully fun way each week. 

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Sandra said...

I miss the younger years. Definitely easier to include fun stuff than in the high school years. Although we do keep trying!