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TOS Review - Apologia Educational Ministries - iWitness Book Series

Apologia Review
Recently my family was given the opportunity to review a series of books published by Apologia Educational Ministries. This series includes; iWitness Biblical Archaeology, New Testament iWitness, and Old Testament iWitness. The iWitness book series is authored by Doug Powell and recommended for ages 11 and older. Each book currently retails for $14.00. We received each book as a physical product.

Apologia is a well known company within the homeschooling community and always seems to provide worthy products to share with our families. This go around they didn't disappoint. Here you can find an interview with the author of the iWitness Series, Doug Powell. Mr. Powell has a Masters Degree in apologetics from Biola University. In this interview I found it interesting when asked who he hoped the book series would reach and he simply stated people like him who needed a book with answers to the questions many of us have about the Bible and Christianity in general. A book that isn't so hard to read you can't understand it, but also not so watered down that the answers and information is too simplistic. In my opinion he accomplished this.
Apologia Review
iWitness Biblical Archaeology
This book deals with many artifacts, writings, and archaeological sites that support the history told in the Bible. Topics covered include Noah's Ark, The Exodus, The House of David, Dead Sea Scrolls, and many more. Of the three books this was probably our favorite. I enjoy so much reading about items found in the past, what they represent, and how they relate to the Bible.
Apologia Review
New Testament iWitness
This book in the iWitness series discussed who and why the books of the New Testament were chosen. Evidence is provided and presented to help you the reader decide and debate about the accuracy of the books that were and were not included in the New Testament.
Apologia Review
Old Testament iWitness
In this edition Doug Powell tackles some of the age old questions about who wrote the books of the Old Testament and should they be considered myth or accurate history. The back of the book also provides a detailed timeline of early history, judges, and kings.
Each book is loaded with illustrations and writings to make them seem representative of an archaeologist's field book or scrapbook. Different font styles are used throughout the book to I would assume make them look like authentic, ancient, well-used field books that an archaeologist would tote around from site to site or a scrapbook with collected information. To me the different font styles were distracting and small for my poor older eyes to read. Not sure if this would be a factor with a younger person. There was tons of information, a lot of it very new to me to learn from this series. We will definitely need to read the material numerous times to get the full benefit of all the information provided. Even though the recommended age is 11 and up, I found the material to be more on a high school level. I plan on handing the series over to my husband to read because he really digs (pun intended) this kind of reading material. I would recommend using this series as a supplement with any Bible study time with the family or when questions come up concerning accuracy of the Bible.
Be sure to check out the iWitness series published by Apologia Educational Ministries. Also take a look at what other Crew Members thought of this product.

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