Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bible Study Journaling

As I mentioned in early posts the past 4-6 weeks have been really tough around here. I know all families go through tough times and ours is really no different than others out there, but to me it was all consuming. Hard to focus on daily tasks kind of tough times.
Something I started during this time was a new Bible study. The end of April was the last time I picked up me Bible to do any real studying and at that point I was attending a small women's Bible study group. I knew something needed to change and I desperately needed to get back to it.
You know how God shows Himself to you in different ways - well I feel that is exactly what He did when I stumbled across as Instagram account of a woman who journals about her Bible readings in a art journaling kind of way. She actually calls it Bible Marking - Journaling. It put a spring back in my step so to speak.
Something else that we have changed is routinely getting back in to attending Sunday morning worship. For the better part of the year our attendance has been sketchy for multiple reasons. We have found a new church that has great potential for our family. So basically some changes needed to be made and we are trying to do just that.
Life is slowly getting back to normal - taking it one day at a time.

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