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TOS Review - Fortuigence - Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course

Fortuigence Review
Most homeschool parents will tell you that the two most dreaded subjects in their homes tend to be math and writing. In our home it is math. As Grace has matured, writing comes more easily to her and she doesn't dread it like she did in the elementary and middle school years, with the exception of writing about herself. Give her a topic to research and write about - no problem. Tell her to write a paper about herself and she gives you a deer caught in the head lights kind of look. I give you all this background information to show you why we chose to review Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course from Fortuigence when we were given the opportunity.
Fortuigence Review
Fortuigence is a new educational company brought to us by Lily Iatridis. She taught school in various locations over a ten year period before taking a break to stay home and raise a family. Ms. Iatridis has a bachelor and two master degrees to back up her expertise. Fortuigence offers online courses that the student can take, but still complete at their own pace. The classes are already completely uploaded. The teachers are ready to receive all assignments and give feedback to the students and parents. To me this is the best of both worlds. Grace is able to take an online class from another teacher but still complete it in her own time with what fits best to her schedule.
Currently Essay Rock Start Personal Statement Writing Course can be purchased for $57.00 and is recommended ideally for ages 12 - 18. We received this as an online class and used it as such. Grace typically worked on this three days a week and it took her about six weeks to finish. There were seven lessons with seven assignments to complete. Grace watched the video lesson, listened to the audio portion of the material, and printed out any needed resources on day one, then would start on the assignment the following day. After completing the assignment we would send the work in to be edited/checked/analyzed by Ms. Iatridis. She would then send back any corrections, encouragement, or recommendations by email before starting on the next lesson.
Fortuigence Review
We found everything about this process easy going and enjoyable. I very much liked the fact that someone else was evaluating Grace's writing skills. Ms. Iatridis was extremely prompt in emailing us back with what Grace needed to correct or change on each editing stage. The lessons were very easy to understand and the website was easy to navigate. I loved all the resources provided throughout the lessons. The capability to simply read over them or print them for later use was nice. I think what Grace got the most out of attending this class was the brainstorming ideas assignment and feedback from a teacher other than her mom. My only negative would be that a couple of the recordings may need to be a bit more polished where the teacher stumbled over a word or became tongue tied. Other writing courses they offer include: The Persuasive Essay, The Expository Essay, and The Textual Analysis.
I would not hesitate to recommend Fortuigence to a friend and I would definitely have Grace take another class in the future. Go check out what other Crew Members thought of this product as well.
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