Thursday, October 2, 2014

Preparations For Myths and Legends Art Show

The theme for this art show was something Grace could really sink her teeth into. Most of the material she creates on a daily basis is fantasy anyway. This week and next week is the final push of getting everything framed and ready to go display.

Not to mention Greek mythology is a passion around here as well. We can thank the Percy Jackson books for that one.

This drawing displays her love for all things Japanese. The Japanese have legends and myths of their own and this drawing represents one of them. It might not look like it but the character has a monster coming out of her hair.
Mermaids are always fun to draw and create.

More Greek mythology with Medusa. She has 3-4 more drawings she is entering and to this minute is still creating new ones. It is so good to see her passionate about her art again.

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Kym said...

Those are great! I wish I could bring my daughter by to see the art show; I'm sure she would love it.