Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Too Busy For a Post

So sorry for the absence over the past few days. Lots going on around the house to keep me busy.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have become part of TOS review crew and am already busy reviewing four different products. The reviews will be posted in July and August. Of course gardening and chicken care is taking up alot of our time too. I have beans running out my ears. Dehydrator running night and day. Worried about the 102 degree heat coming on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (mostly with the chickens). Stacks of library books to read about opening a new business, forming 501 non-profit corporations, puppetry arts, and art journaling. Preparing lessons plans for two classes I will be teaching in the Fall and cataloging all my books for the lending library I will one day open. Add in to this Jazzercise classes 4-5 days a week, average care for the house and children, dentist and eye doctor appointment, and a little summer fun. Hopefully you can see why I haven't posted much since the weekend. I promise to get back on track soon. May God bless you all and have a great day.

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Eddie said...

I'm feeling a little swamped (in a good way) myself! I have 6 Review Crew products going between now and the start of August, plus the MemeTales readathon, and we homeschool year round.

I'm tired but really enjoying myself! Enjoy your summer! What are you teaching in the fall?