Friday, June 1, 2012

8th Grade Curriculum

I think we have finally decided on everything that will be started the beginning of August.

Logic -Daily Warm-ups and Critical Thinking with following directions.
Math - Teaching Textbooks, Pre-algebra
Science - Master Gardeners Class on Monday mornings along with Exploring The World of Biology and God's Design Our Planet Earth
English - Beginning Essay Writing class on Thursdays, Language Lessons for the Secondary Child and Independent reading
History - America the Beautiful 1800s - the present along with some lapbooks from Hands of a Child

Fine Arts Co-op - On Tuesdays Grace will attend art and drama. On Thursdays she will take dance and show choir.
Acts of Faith - In August we will start our second year with this traveling ministry drama group.

I am sure other fabulous classes and groups will pop up along the way for us to join. As always we will probably be overbooked and stressed. Just too much great stuff to choose from.


Karen said...

Looks awesome. What is America the Beautiful? Is it a curriculum? We are doing American History next year too. We left off after the Civil War year before last. The Acts of Faith sounds like something Keilee would LOVE!!!! She will be a 7th grader.

Karen said...

Hey Diane! Thank you for telling me about America the Beautiful. Part 2 is the only part we need too. Did you buy it from the Notgrass site? All I saw was the entire 'curriculum'.

Eddie said...

A Master Gardener's Club sounds really interesting! Is it with a co-op?

We're big TT fans here, too.

Unknown said...

The Master Gardern's Club is a one day a week class that will be given at our local art class studio. Free class with a purchase of the $15 workbook. Not a bad deal.