Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Remember These

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Today I was visiting our local hobby/art/antique store. I needed to visit the restroom and went to the cashier counter. For one reason or another the store keeps the bathrooms lock and had to give me a key. I looked down at the key ring and what did I see....... Fisher Price Little People connected to the key ring. I grew up playing with the older version of Fisher Price toys. I found out while looking for a picture that their are sellers of vintage Fisher Price toys. I think the farmhouse was selling for like 54.99. We had about 8 different sets (house, hospital, houseboat, camper, farm, etc.) and on rainy or really hot days all the kids in the neighborhood would come to our basement and we would set up Fisher Price towns. I always wanted the houseboat or camper. I wonder what that says about me. I certainly didn't grow up to be a traveler. Anyway, it just brought back alot of memories.

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Eddie said...

I love these! My parents kept all of mine and gave them to me when my firstborn was small, so my own children are growing up playing with them as well. I wish toys like this were still commonplace - the amount of imaginative play they stimulate is wonderful!