Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Random Updates

Exercise - The Jazzercise challenge is going well but Couch to 5k is being put on hold, maybe forever. I noticed after running for two weeks that my feet were really starting to give me a problem. After taking a week off from running and just walking instead my feet are feeling much better. Maybe some people are just not meant to run.

Church - I have recently come to the conclusion that church should be a verb instead of a noun. I have felt off and on for the past year that it was time "to do" instead of "sit and learn". I'm not saying that I know everything in the Bible, because I sure don't, but it is time to go out in the community and show God's love to everyone. In the past two months we have started supporting a missionary through Gospel for Asia and I just left a comment on another blog about wanting to help out with collecting book bags and supplies for children in Ethiopia. I'm not telling you these things to seem prideful just some of examples of things I would like to do more of. I am super excited that my home church seems to be following in this same direction. It is past time to be sitting in the pews and fellowshipping with other church members, it is time to go and a spread the love. In September our church will be starting more small groups and each group will be responsible for a certain mission in the community. The problem is there are too many great things to choose from. I am currently praying about leading one of the groups, but know that my time in the fall will be limited. Currently I am thinking/praying about a mission for the homeless in our community or nursing homes/shut ins. I also want to make sure it is something Grace can also be involved in.

New Cooperative - Things with the cooperative are moving along very fast. We currently have 10 families signed up and that is just from our homeschool support group and a couple of friends. The press release will go out in the local paper the 1st of July. Something new for me is that I will actually be teaching two classes for 3rd - 6th grade, art journaling and puppetry arts. If you know of any great resources in both of these areas please let me know. I am researching like crazy and starting my lesson plans for the first semester. Very exciting times but kind of scary too.

Busyness - Grace and myself are actually very busy for it being summer. The next two weeks Grace is volunteering with little kid art camps and in July she will be attending a chemistry and anime camp. Before we know it August will be here and back to school again. Also lots of doctor's appts to attend to over the next couple of weeks. A few posts back I talked about our summer bucket list, things have been so crazy I haven't been able to cross any of them off. Thursday Grace will have a friend over for the day and Saturday two different friends will be over to spend the night and another family coming to help celebrate her birthday.

Something interesting- In the big blog world sometimes it is really smaller than you think. I recently started reading a blog and found we both attended the same high school only a few years apart. Also discussed certain places in that town that hold very fond memories for me while growing up. That is just plain cool. Plus our daughters are very close in age and love theatre and animals. Very small world out there.

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Karen said...

Yes it is a small world. I am still so excited about the fact that you are lived here and went to school at AHS. Another strange coincident? Keilee is volunteering NEXT week at a kid's art camp! Crazy huh?

I agree with church being a verb and not a noun! Happy weekend Diane.