Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Idea of a Fun Day

Books from Good Will and Used Book Store
More Goodwill Books
Goodwill books
Our idea of a fun day is drastically different than alot of other families out there. Our first stop of the day was to Goodwill to purchase used books for my lending library. Also found some supplies for the upcoming puppetry arts class and Christmas presents. Next we were off to the big library in Spout Spring that also has a Farmer's Market (summer bucket list) on Thursday afternoons. We stopped in another nearby town on the way home to eat at Red Lobster and take a quick run though JoAnnes. I was super excited to say many sales at JoAnnes and was able to purchase 20 pairs of gloves for the puppetry class for just $5.00 plus some more supplies for art journaling class.          


Fran said...

I love the Scarlet Letter, but never have been able to get in to the Lord of the Rings series. In our house, Pete lined the garage with floor to ceiling shelves so that I could create my own library. That was when I was running a private tutoring company. He thought I was going to get rid of it when I went back to full time when, hee, hee!! All I have done is added to it! Have a good weekend xxx

Unknown said...

I am so enjoying adding books to the library. So much fun to get a sweet deal for just 50 or 75 cents, plus these are really good books. This weekend I will start sorting and using the Dewey Decimal System plus putting in a database on the computer.

Eddie said...

Sounds like a great afternoon! I haunt our local used books store every chance I get!

Leslie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I love books and its always neat to find good ones at a good price!

Karen said...

Your idea of a fun day sounds very much like ours! Tell me you didn't write "Christmas presents"??? I so admire and envy "June Christmas Present Buying People" :)

We LOVE the Farmer's Market. I would love to find a really huge one because I am sure you can imagine the one where we live...nice but not grand.