Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Opportunity

Some posts back I spoke about the possibility of Grace taking voice lessons. Well I am not to keen on the contract you have to sign to start this process or the fees involved. So as a family we discussed it and decided it might not be the best choice for us right now. Fast forward to today... I have a website on my favorites for home schooling activities that take place in a larger town 50 minutes from us. Rarely does anything really peak my interest, but you just never know, so I continue to look at it off and on. Today I pulled the website up and low and behold there is a acting/talent studio that has just started offering classes for home schoolers during the day. These classes focus on work in front of the camera as well as auditions, etc. Even better is the price - day classes are half the price as night classes. We would have to reschedule one day a week to attend. It would take place on a Thursday which is also the day that she takes a group art class and in the evening will be attending practices for a drama ministry team. So more than likely Thursdays will just be counted as fine arts days with outside of the house classes. The timing will be very close - 50 minutes drive to class, 1 hour class, 50 minutes drive home eating lunch in car to arrive at art class exactly one hour after the acting class ends. But I really feel like this will take it to the next level for her and that she will really enjoy it.

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

I do love it when you think a door is closed and then all of sudden another one opens. So cool.