Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Struggling To Write Blog Posts

Days have been very ho-hum around here. Not much to write about. At least not anything that my readers would find interesting, amusing, etc. Garden is winding down in the sense that we are only harvesting tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers at this point. Hoping to replant all the lettuces for the fall in the next month. Still too hot to put in seeds in the ground for that. Today is actually the first pleasant day in almost 6 weeks with a high temp predicted of 87 and breezy. I am sure the chickens will be thankful for this. I have felt so sorry for them this summer. So ready for Fall. Of course if the same thing happens with the seasons as last year we will be looking at an early Winter. Just got our electric bill and it was the highest I have ever seen it, 263.00. Our house is entirely electric including our water because of the well pump. Our lowest electric bill this past year was 130.00. I haven't even been able to hang the clothes out to dry because of the humidity in the air. Even if I start at 9 in the morning the clothes are still damp by 5 in the afternoon, then you have to start watching for pop up storms so the clothes won't get wet from rain. Betty the hen has gone broody again. I am not to concerned about it at this point because all of my adult hens will be going in to molt soon anyway. The Buff Orpingtons are almost 20 weeks and on laying pellets. Hoping they will start laying in the next month. Built there nesting boxes last week and put some fake eggs in them. School is moving right along. In the next couple of week I have multiple doctor appts coming up. Recheck for my acid reflux, the dreaded mammogram, and a minor out patient surgery. Hubby having dental issues - one tooth extracted last week and two major deep fillings yesterday. So I guess this updates folks for a while.

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Kelly Rhoades said...

When's your mammogram? We can be buddies!!! LOL! Mine's next month. Thankful I'm not going to the dentist like SK; I'd much rather have the squishing machine!