Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Future Plans for Our One Acre Homestead

Today over lunch we discussed some plans we hope to implement over the next couple of months as well as some longer term plans.

  • Our garden down at the neighbors has just about come to its end with the exception of tomatoes. In September as long as the temperature cooperates we will be planting more greens and cabbage. This will come in handy for us and the chickens.

  • Today and tomorrow hubby hopes to start building a cold frame to transplant our strawberries. Also building a raised bed to try growing some greens here at the house. Once the leaves start falling we should have a little more sunlight throughout the day for gardening.

  • Within the next week or two we will start digging the area in the backyard for our pond. We have an entire 3ft deep pool set up that we will utilize to start a pond for backyard catfish farming. This will start off on a small scale and hopefully if everything goes well there is a large island area in the front of our house that would accommodate a larger pond dug in the ground. This pond would be more ornamental due to neighbors seeing it but still functional for growing catfish to eat.

  • Putting gutters back up on the house and setting up a rain barrel collecting system.

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Staci said...

How very exciting! We have the rain barrels and had hoped to get to the gutters this year....guess they'll have to wait until next year. :(