Monday, August 29, 2011

Buying Local

Went to the local produce store to see if the local apples were out yet. Found boxes of local apples, yeah! Buying from Tiger, GA is alot closer than Washington State where most of the apples in the grocery store come from. I bought a variety to see what we liked best. Mutsu being the only variety I had never heard of before. Right now the local apples are .89 a pound but last year toward the end of the season was marked down to .49 a pound. Another choice would be to buy a box for 26.00 which is 40 pounds of apples. In the grocery store apples are running 1.78 - 1.98 a pound and in our local produce store .99 - 1.39 a pound. Everyone in the house eats apples and they go pretty quick. We also hope to score a deal soon and dry a bunch.

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Staci said...

yumm....they're just coming in season here. Can't wait!!